Compiling with Monodevelop

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  • First make sure you installed all the dependencies following the instructions on this page
  • Go to the solution directory

cd Solution\VS2005_MonoDevelop

  • Open the solution using monodevelop with the following command

monodevelop Emgu.CV.Example_VS2005.sln

  • Monodevelop GUI will show up. Try to build the solution and you might get an error message saying "System.ServiceModel" reference cannot be found. If you get this error message, it simply means Monodevelop cannot find System.ServiceModel.dll on your Linux distribution. On Fedora 10, this dll is included on the mono-extra package. Make sure it is installed, then remove the existing reference of System.ServiceModel and add a new reference by browsing to the installation folder of System.ServiceModel.dll on your linux distribution and adding it to your project. On Fedora 10, this file is located under:


  • Build and run the "Hello world" example
Running "Hello World in Monodevelop
  • Build and run the "Shape Detection" example
Running "Shape Detection in Monodevelop